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iCatcher - Portable Motion activated Battery Operated Camera in the Middle East by Maxcom (video)


Motion Activated Battery Operated PETCAM by Maxcom in the Middle East


Revolutionizing Engineering Standards

Maxcom is ever committed to raising the bar for Value Maximization, High Standards, Efficiency and Budget Friendliness

Just ask any company or individual who recently express-ordered their system installed, and they will tell you what a streamlined process flow their experience was, with excellent support in form of world-class support tickets, tracked by experienced Engineers, and a selection of the most innovative systems out there.


DoorGuard for the Kids & elderly


RoboCam F12 1Click Setup by Maxcom


Amazing Video & Audio Quality [White-SD IP Camera]


SuperNannyCam [سوبر ناني كام [كاميرات مراقبة للمنزل

حصدت كاميراتنا للمراقبة الشبكية اللاسلكية على عدة جوائز عالمية وتأتي من المملكة المتحدة والولايات المتحدة، ويعمل فريق من المختصين على تطويرها، وقد قاموا بتطوير تطبيق لكل جهاز.

حتى الأجهزة ذات العيار الخفيف والمخصصة للأماكن ذات الميزانيات الضيقة تأتي مزودة بمزايا متقدمة كاستشعار الحركة، إرسال البريد الالكتروني مع الأدلة، الاتصال اللاسلكي الآمن، امكانية المراقبة على المحمول، والتوافق مع كل اجهزة الحاسب والمتصفحات، وتأتي الأجهزة الاخرى مزودة بمزايا متقدمة لترضي كل المتطلبات.


Thieves caught on Y-cam IP Cameras: BBC footage

Once again Y-cam Security IP cameras help to catch the theft and identify the criminals

Reported by the BBC on 16-Mar-2012, Mr. Holles (Suffolk, UK) had installed a number of Y-cam White cameras which captured the thieves.

To read the full report and watch the live footage please head over to BBC News website.
Other source: 



MAXCOM's latest 650 TV Lines CCTV Dome Camera of Wide Dynamic Range

MAXCOM introduces its new Varifocal CCTV camera model with Wide Dynamic Range feature exceeding 600 TV lines MXC-D650-WDR in the UAE and Middle East.

MXC-D650-WDR is a Varifocal Wide Dynamic Range Dome Camera equipped with a Sony 1/3” Super HAD Colour CCD and offers 650 TV lines Ultra High Resolution. The camera has extra low light vision capability down to 0.01 Lux delivering crystal clear images even in the low light  environment. In addition, the MXC-D650-WDR  varifocal lens 3.6 mm provides flexibility for installation. The compact 4.5” Dome allows for discreet surveillance applications.

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Maxcom launches a 4 channel Mobile DVR MXCD-MX3 in the UAE and Middle East

Maxcom Technologies introduces its 4 Channel CCTV Mobile Digital Video Recorder MXCD-MX3 to meet requirements of schools and nurseries in the UAE for having CCTV camera systems installed on buses transporting children.

This DVR is developed as cost-effective solution for  vehicle surveillance (cars, buses, boats).   It records on One Hard disk Drive (HDD) and SDHC card. The HDD can be easily removed. It supports encoding up to 4CIF/DCIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF resolution real time.  Optionally Wireless Modules such as GPS / 3G / GPRS / Wi-Fi can be added to the DVR.

MXCD-MX3 comes in ultra compact case with extremely low weight, high temperature resistant, equipped with shock-resistant cradle. Its rugged design ensures maximum reliability for data safety. MXCD-MX3 provides interface for vehicle maneuvering i.e. left, right turns, braking, reversing, speeding, etc.

The new DVR helps to enhance educational establishments overall security plan and aimed to reduce in staff time taken to investigate behavioral incidents on school buses, have the deterrent benefit of CCTV systems that pupils are aware of any inappropriate actions they may make will be recorded by the CCTV camera system. Bus drivers feel reassured that any false and malicious allegations made against them will be unfounded by the CCTV system.  This means that any allegations made by pupils (or drivers) can be refuted, or not, by the use of both recorded images and audio.

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The latest Maxcom 4 channel CCTV Digital Recorder from RX series in the UAE and Middle East

Maxcom Technologies introduce a 4 Channel CCTV Digital Video Recorder MXCD-4RX from the latest RX series to meet small size projects requirements which is perfect for offices, retail and residential premises.

The MXCD-4RX is the cutting-edge integrated Digital Video Recorder that combines the feature of a time-lapse audio and video recorder, a multiplexer and a video server to create a single security solution. This CCTV recording device is unique in the sense that it's capable of Real-Time Dual-encoding of multiple video streams into MJPEG and H.264 at the highest resolution known to Digital Video Recorders. 

It encodes both video and audio data streams sent over the Ethernet network using TCP / IP protocol. The MXCD-4RX indexes data streams and then transfers them to the hard disk drive. The recorded CCTV data can be quickly and easily backed-up via USB devices, Personal Computer or DVD-RW. Additional feature of this DVR is that you can easily backup and restore the entire configuration and the ability to control the DVR via a USB mouse.

The MXCD-4RX has advanced features such as:
• Intelligent HDD handlers protecting Video data from Hard Disk Drive failures
• Real time display of 4 CCTV cameras in D1 High resolution
• Pentaplex functions allow live viewing, recording, playing back, back-up and remote access to the installed surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world
• Dual stream support making mobile monitoring very easy, flexible for limited network transmission
• Multiple Control methods via Front Panel, IR Remote Control & USB Mouse and net
• Smart Video Detection feature which includes motion detection, video blind and video loss
• Smart Camera settings that allow you to analyze the video scene and report on pre-programmed situations among which are privacy masking, camera lock, color settings and title display
• More than 60 universal protocols supported (Pant, Tilt, Zoom & Speed Dome Control, preset, scan, auto-pan, auto-tour, pattern, auxiliary function, etc.)
• Alarm triggering screen tips by sending snapshots via E-mail or uploading them to an FTP folder
• Very low power consumption for the environment in addition to being less prune to defects
• With the unique black box technology [real time hardware analytics], this Digital Video Recorder allows the monitoring of the all processes with great reduction of the maintenance costs.

Maxcom's new headquarters

We're all very excited to move to our new office in Bank street next week, a stone's throw from the most centric Dubai Metro station (Khalid Bin Walid, or Burjuman)

The building is excellent in addition to being easily accessible

Make sure to call us before you plan your visit


SuperNannyCam on GulfNews Xpress

The Printed article could be downloaded here and the GulfNews online copy here

Working couples increasingly turning to technology to keep watch over domestic help

    It’s just a tool to ensure that that our homes and our children are safe at all times, says Fady Bran, Managing Director of Maxcom Technologies in Dubai.

Dubai: Residents in the UAE are increasingly turning to nanny cameras to keep tabs on their homes, domestic help and children, a surveillance camera company has reported.

"2011 was the year of the Super Nanny Cam. We sold over 1,000 pieces to around 300 families," said Fady Bran, Managing Director of Maxcom Technologies in Dubai.

He said the demand was high among Europeans, followed by Indians. "Working parents in particular want to know what goes on inside their homes when they are out at work or are travelling."

Easy does it

He said unlike analog CCTV surveillance cameras, the Super Nanny Cam is an Internet Protocol, digital video camera and can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. It's wireless, easy to install and detects any motion within a range of 10 metres. It's mobile phone-enabled and sends e-mail alerts.

Bran claimed that the Super nanny camera is discreet and not hidden unlike other nanny cameras which are typically hidden in the belly button of a teddy bear.

Asked about the ethics behind installing such cameras, he said it should be done in the full knowledge of those being covered. "There is no question of invading privacy or intimidating anyone. It's just a tool to ensure that our homes and our children are safe at all times. It's about the general observation of our homes."

He said although most families install the cameras to keep an eye on nannies, there are several other uses as well. They use them to monitor valuables, pets, observe the playing behaviour of kids, make sure they do their homework and stay out of trouble. "Imagine being able to get an alert if your child falls off the bed."

Capturing intruders

Residents also use these cameras when they travel abroad as they can be easily installed and can capture intruders and e-mail their movement.

Although the average demand for cameras is three per home - usually at the main entrance, in the kids' room and the living room, there are residents who install cameras in every room, including the kitchen, he said.

"We also have an outdoor version which villa owners install in garages and outside their homes to keep track of any suspicious movement," Bran added.

He said the cost of installing one camera comes up to Dh2,000, including the device


Improve Your Home Security with SuperNannyCam

Some of the growing concerns for families are issues related to domestic help and the way they handle their most precious. The use of surveillance cameras is also growing; Thanks to the latest developments, child abuse and mistreatment could be prevented with a proper setup of cameras around areas in which they spend their time. In Maxcom, we strongly believe that these devices are an integral part of child-raising and crucial to their safety.

After years of Research & Development, our team introduces an affordable Home security solution that just works, without any extra burden on the Decor or the budget of UAE families, AKA the SuperNannyCam.
IP cameras Remote Access

Super Nanny Cam is a wireless IP security camera which securely connects to the home’s wireless router. It employs the very latest in tech; in fact up until its unavailing last year, it was almost impossible to have a home surveillance system without tearing down the walls. Some people refer to an IP camera as web camera, the latter is mainly used for web-chats, video conferencing, while SuperNannyCams are IP Cameras that do not need a computer always connected, thanks to their processing and transmission power

With its square shape Homely Design it fits in any corner of the home. It is a discrete and not a hidden camera. White color helps it blend-in even more.

Maxcom’s teams receive inquiries on hidden cameras and in these cases we advise that any spy or hidden security devices are prohibited in the UAE. We believe in deterrence of security cameras – crime prevention is the best practice!

SuperNannyCam's built-in web-server gives you a secure channel to monitor, listen & record, unlike a web camera, It does not require a computer always connected.

Families purchase the system to keep an eye on a nanny / maid, to monitor property when they travel abroad. SuperNannyCam can be easily set up to take snapshots & send you e-mail on any movement. It's used in Nurseries. Villa residents take advantage of the outdoor option that allow them to deter intruders while capturing clear Video and Audio events in complete darkness.

Super Nanny Cam's features:

Has absolute clarity and sound, non-intrusive homely design,

It can be watched on any computer PC/MAC, iPad, mobile like iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android.

It records & emails alerts on Movement,

Options available: On-camera recording (SD Card slot), Night Vision, Weatherproof,

Secure Connection with encrypted password,

Maxcom offers one year warranty and technical support.


Expect our additional line of No-Setup cameras soon

In the light of current IP-CCTV developments, we have been working very hard to bring to you our latest line of products; the No-Setup cameras. The name simply comes from the fact that it's a complete Do It Yourself system with no technical knowledge required.

Weather you'll be using it for your home or business, it'll take you 2 minuted to run these IP Cameras on your PC or Smart Phone (iPhone, Android)

The secret behind these cameras is that they are completely plug and play; assigning themselves with unique IDs that are traceable via the inter webs, even hooking the cam up with Wifi could be done using WPS setup without accessing the config page of the camera or the router, you will nevertheless need a WPS enabled router such as Linksys.

Once hooked up to WIFI; just log the unique ID and pass and voila.
The cam is equipped with 1 megapixel capability and SD card storage.
It will be available in Dubai and other Emirates separately or bundled up with a WPS router based on your area

For pre-booking, visit our contact section and show interest, you'll be contacted shortly after.


Do you shutdown your computer regularly or leave it on all the time? 

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The idea that it's harmful to shut your computer down every night is a myth. Unless you shut it down incorrectly (e.g. ripping out the power cable and laughing maniacally), there's really nothing to worry about. In fact, shutting down your computer every night offers a few advantages. First and foremost, it won't draw as much power when off. Additionally, you don't have to remember to turn off the sound each night so it doesn't wake you up with an unexpected alert. That said, keeping your computer powered on overnight has advantages as well. An always-running computer can act as a server and handle tasks while you're sleeping. Whether you shut down regularly or keep your computer running indefinitely really depends on your needs. Let's take a deeper look at the pros and cons of both options and how you can deal with the downsides.

Shutting Down Regularly

Shutting down regularly is the practical option, but it's not without its downsides. Let's take a look at the pros, cons, and what you can do to remedy the disadvantages.


  • Lower energy costs - Computers can draw a large amount of power, especially if you're running a high-end desktop. Shutting your machine down when it isn't in use will prevent excessive and unnecessary use of power, wasting less energy and saving you money on your electric bill.
  • Fewer temporary system issues - Those who keep their machines booted up indefinitely are familiar with the little problems that crop up when a computer is in use for a long time. Strange little problems occur and they're often solved by a reboot. If you're essentially rebooting every day, you're giving your machine a fresh start. This helps avoid minor system issues.
  • Quiet hours - When your machine is running, it's capable of making noise. The sounds of the fans can be bothersome if you're sleeping in the same room, but you also run the risk of the computer playing and alert or other sound unexpectedly. This is easily rectified by muting your sound every night, but you run the risk of forgetting. (Of course, you can automate that process on Windows and OS X pretty easily.)
  • A longer-lasting machine - While you can never really know when your computer is going to fail, less stress placed on its components will contribute to a longer life. You still have to keep it clean, dust-free, and well-maintained, but less activity can help your hardware last longer.


  • Inconvenience - The biggest disadvantage of shutting down and booting up on a daily cycle is that it's inconvenient. You have to get everything in order to shut down each night and wait to start up in the morning. On top of that, if you forget to boot up and need to access your machine while you're, say, at the office, you won't be able to because it's offline. This problem is easily solved by automated the shut down and start up process. Doing so puts your computer on a schedule so you won't have much of an inconvenience at all.
  • Energy used for nothing - While you certainly save energy by shutting down your machine, it'll still draw power when off. While an operating desktop would draw a lot more, it would, at least, be capable of doing something while you're away. This problem is easily remedied, however, with a power-regulating socket like the Belkin Conserve ($10). Alternatively, if your desktop supports it, you can use it as a USB device charger overnight so that small power draw isn't going to waste.
  • You can just hibernate instead - Why shut down when you can hibernate? Hibernation draws about as much power and saves the current working state of your machine so you can resume right where you left off. This is a standard operation for Windows machines, but OS X can use it, too. Apple calls hibernation "Safe Sleep," and it's only regularly employed to laptops when the battery levels are critically low. You can enable this feature at will, however, with apps like SafeSleep and SmartSleep. You can also save power by simply sleeping your computer, which has the advantage of waking up faster (although if you're using an SSD that gain is negligible), but the power consumption is considerably higher. To get a specific idea of how your devices consume power in their various modes, check out this comparison table.

As you can see, each option has its advantages and disadvantages. What works best for you will depend on your needs.



Maxcom's cabling standards


Why Is Wi-Fi Coverage So Bad in My House, and How Can I Fix It?

Full Article (

Adam Dachis touched on a few ways to extend your wireless signal in his guide to going completely wireless in your home, but we'll get a bit more substantive in dealing with Wi-Fi killers in trying to help out a laptop warrior tied to such a small area.

Let's look at some of the common Wi-Fi killers, and how to best them.

Home Construction and Other Obstructions

The way your home is built has likely the most direct impact on how far Wi-Fi can penetrate the house. The vast majority of homes were built before the concepts of cellphones, 3G service, and Wi-Fi were discussed outside of Nikola Tesla reading groups.

Steel structures, concrete, the layout of air-conditioning vents and returns in homes with centralized systems, aquariums, and the spot where your dog chooses to nap can all make an impact on your Wi-Fi coverage. One big signal killer could also be lurking in your walls, especially if your house dates back more than 60 years: chicken wire. Seriously.

As the Wall Street Journal explains, many homes with plaster and lath walls were held up by wood wrapped in chicken wire. When modern homeowners try to live the wireless life, they find terrible Wi-Fi coverage, because the wire is spaced in just such a way to create a perfect shield against Wi-Fi frequencies (sometimes called a Faraday cage). Image via Nanimo.

You can move your aquariums and re-position your router to provide better, more centralized coverage—more on that down below. But you're likely not going to gut your walls to fix your wireless, so let's eliminate other potential culprits. Continue reading...