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Emirates 24-7: CCTV – becoming the policeman’s best friend

The head of the Dubai Police has poured praise on his Department of Criminal Investigations (CID), while the public has also hailed the police for successfully arresting a gang of seven persons that broke into a jewellery store at the Dubai International City and took away items worth Dh11 million on Sunday. They were arrested within a day. Commander of Dubai Police, Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim assured residents of Dubai safety and security of their businesses. Except one, all of them were arrested in Dubai and one of them “from a neighbouring emirate,” said the Director of the CID, Brig. Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri.
“They cleverly executed their plan. They kept a watch on the place until the wee hours of morning before embarking on breaking into the store, while one person stood outside to monitor any eventuality. Afterwards, they took their loot in a taxi.” Al Mansouri said the CCTV cameras were of great use in leading to the arrest of the suspects.
“The police Operations Department received a call about the incident, soon after that we dispatched a team that was able in knowing the identity of one of the suspects. He was arrested in a neighbouring emirate. “They kept moving their loot to different areas in fear of arrest,” said Al Mansouri, adding that the mastermind of the gang is a prisoner in a jail of “one of the Gulf countries.” Lt Gen. Tamim praised the CID for arresting the suspects within a day. The public was also happy. “I salute the Dubai Police for arresting wrongdoers in a very short span of time. This gives us confidence that we’re safe,” said Hamid Leban of Al Muteena area. 

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Ramadan Kareem

No one can deny the mystical atmosphere that envelopes the Arab world, but in Dubai it's especially vibrant. Ramadan Kareem from the Maxcom team.


Super NannyCam on Gulfnews

The following is from an article on Gulf News website about the Super NannyCam:


Child safety

While watching your home while you are out of the country is the perfect way to keep your property safe the Super Nanny Cam can ensure that your children are too. By choosing the Super Nanny Cam, many working parents, or parents leaving their children behind while they travel, can be assured that their family is being properly cared for.

Fady Bran, CEO of Maxcom Technologies, a market leader in security systems, says, "The Super Nanny Cam is unique and, with its square shape, is very non-invasive to any corner of the home. Its white colour helps it blend in even more, and with a thin three-metre white cord to connect to any nearby power outlet, it's definitely designed with homes and offices in mind."

According to Fady, its ease of use continues to gain the Super Nanny Cam many awards ensuring that the product stands out in the industry.

"All Super Nanny Cams come factory equipped with Wi-Fi as standard, which means it will easily connect in any home environment," adds Fady.

With its ingenious system, which allows mobile viewing via any iPhone or BlackBerry, it means that parents can see exactly what is going on in the home wherever they are.

"Eighty per cent of the families who purchase the system need it to keep an eye on the nanny while she's providing care to their children. These people also find different ways to use this camera, for example when they travel abroad, the Super Nanny Cam can be easily set up to snap and e-mail any movement. In addition some use it in day care centres, or to monitor valuables and pets. Additionally, villa residents take advantage of the outdoor options that allow them to deter intruders."

Packages for the Super Nanny Cam start from Dh1,500 but, like many gadget investments, it is a personal lifestyle choice. Ultimately, it's not possible to put a price on your children or sentimental heirlooms.

Whatever the case, if you want to become part of a new generation of technology fans, these latest must-have gadgets could possibly be the marketing tool that sell your property or, at the very least, they will go towards making your life at home much more enjoyable."


Video of the week: How LCDs work


7Days article: Clean up! You're on camera

I''m quoting below our latest newspaper article from 7Days Newspaper
Printed version here


Suspicious employers are turning to Big Brother-style CCTV cameras to keep an eye on their domestic staff.

Security expert Fady Bran, currently the sole importer of Super NannyCam, says more than 100 households have already snapped up the surveillance technology to make sure housemaids are kept under close watch.

Bran, the chief executive of Bur Dubai-based Maxcom Technologies, told 7DAYS: “Europeans love it but all nationalities are buying it. They need to leave their children at home and they want the peace of mind - this gives it to them.”

However, the technology has raised concerns over whether surveillance is an invasion of privacy.

Angelina, a live-in maid at a house in Arabian Ranches, said she thought filming was a breach of a worker’s rights.

“I would not like it,” said the Filipina. “You should have privacy in your day. If your employer thinks something bad is happening, they should ask, not spy on you.”

But Bran claims there is nothing secretive about the cameras, as they are in clear view. He has even installed one in his own home. He said: “We hear many stories about nannies who have abused children. You can’t be at home all the time, but you might like to know what is happening.”

Cameras can be fitted in any room and footage, complete with sound, is broadcast direct to a client’s computer or mobile phone. The package costs about Dhs2,000.

Nannycam plan unnerves maid firm
Hidden cameras are illegal in the UAE and all security firms are strictly licensed, trained and checked by Dubai Police.
“This system is not hidden and people should know they are being filmed. I believe in deterrent,” Bran said. “One man asked me to install a camera in his bathroom -  I refused.”

One resident who welcomed the scheme is Daksha Bhudia, whose maid absconded with Dhs15,000 of  her personal belongings.

She said: “It’s a fantastic idea. It’s not an invasion of privacy at all… People want to protect their homes and their children and they have every right to do that.”

But domestic worker agency Right Maids said it would not want staff to be filmed.

“We don’t believe there is a need for it with our staff,” a spokesman said: “We employ more than 100 women and if any family has a problem they can talk to us, we get very good feedback.

Our staff are doing their jobs, they don’t need to have cameras watching them.”

Dubai Mums Club founder Jenny Haddad added: “I know mums are worried about leaving their kids, so, if you’re not doing anything wrong, then I suppose there’s no problem.

But if this system is being used, people must be told they’re being filmed.”


iPad CCTV Monitoring


iPad's "CCTV Cameras remote monitoring" in Dubai-UAE


Finally, a camera security system viewable to all handhelds!

Finally, a camera security system viewable to all handhelds!

This CCTV Camera security system is viewable via iphone, blackberry, windows phone, symbian, the web, etc... great stuff.

To pre-order, you can drop us a line in the "contact us" section.

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