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Do you need CCTV/Alarm compliance in order to obtain or renew your business license?

Our services include:

  • - Scheduling of initial inspection by government approved auditors
  • - Providing NOC for your business
  • - Offering the best quality systems competitively
  • - Providing DPS (Dubai Police) approved products
  • - Scheduling the follow-up audit of your installed system
  • - Compliance assurance for the final approval
  • - Providing the annual maintenance agreement
  • - Providing the layouts of installed systems
  • - Reliable & professional after sales support

About DPS

Department of Protective Systems (DPS) is the regulatory authority of Dubai Police for Security system solutions in the Emirate of Dubai. DPS has specified the minimum requirement of Security surveillance systems in general public area, malls, restaurants, shops, hospitals, hotels and other high value metal commodities show rooms, shops and ware house. This is to ensure the protection for capital investments and any other security threats and incidentals. Dubai Police has access to certain areas of the security systems provided in these locations and they receive an alarm. Maxcom has been trained and accredited by DPS to install these systems.