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Security Systems for Small Businesses

No matter how small your business might be, security should be high on your priority list. You might have only a few pieces of expensive equipment, but to an amateur criminal that may be a good enough reason to attempt a break-in.

Fortunately, you don't need an expensive or complicated security system to protect your company's assets -- but you do need security consultants to outline your business's special security requirements. That way, you're less likely to be dazzled by a salesperson into getting more than you actually need. Think about which of your company's assets are the most valuable and vulnerable to theft. Then outline the potential security threats -- how serious are they? And how much can you afford to spend to protect them?

Here are the first security technologies to consider:

While there are "do-it-yourself" security systems on the market, it's best to go with a professionally installed system. They may cost a little more, but the service and quality you'll get will make it worthwhile. And a simple sticker with the logo of your security company, when placed on your front door, makes a great security device in itself.

CCTV Camera Systems “Closed Circuit Television”


The latest technologies in this line are digital recording and transmission; which means that clear pictures of events will be stored in the hard disk; and transmitted to another computer on the internet, it also acts as a Deterrent: the sight of a surveillance camera can be an effective crime deterrent in itself. But in some situations -- like when you suspect inside-theft - you may want to monitor your business with a covert “Hidden” camera but you need to know that hidden cameras are banned from the UAE.

Access Control systems:

You need to protect your front entrance day and night; this is where an access control system comes to lock the door down for unauthorized persons and open up for card/code holders; and then optionally give you a full report of who entered or exited and when;

When you are looking for a Security Alarm System  select the one with an integral alarm panel - one where the control circuits fit into a keypad. This kind of system is commonly used by small businesses, which often need only one alarm panel to secure the entire premises. With a keypad system, you can reprogram your pass code at any time or set a separate code for each employee (when the employee leaves the company, simply cancel the code). You can also use the keypad to manually activate an audible panic siren, a silent hold-up alarm, or a fire or medical alarm.

When your security alarm does go off, you'll want to make sure to get notified as soon as possible. A dialer can be hooked up to your telephone line that intelligently and silently alerts a list of people in sequence in case of a fire or attempted break-in at your business.