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SuperNannyCam is a wireless IP camera which securely connects to the home’s wireless Router. It employs the very latest in tech; in fact up until its unavailing last year, it was almost impossible to have a home surveillance system without tearing down the walls.  Some people refer to it as a web camera or Network camera in addition to IP camera. It is discrete but not a hidden camera (spy and hidden cameras are banned in the UAE by law), its white color helps it blend-in even more. 

The built-in Web-server gives you a secure channel to monitor, Listen & record, unlike basic webcams, it does not need a computer always connected, thanks to its processing and transmission power.

Super Nanny Cam features: Wireless connection (Wi-Fi), Micro SD Slot, Secure Connection, Compatible with PC/MAC, Mobile Enabled, Email Alerts, Motion detection, Night Vision, None intrusive Design, etc. 

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