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What is Time & Attendance? It’s the type of security system which allows you to collect and organize your employee time data simply and accurately. The system comes with Biometric, Proximity cards & tags.

Biometric is the science of measuring physical properties of living beings. The aim of the extraction of biometric features from a biometric sample is to remove any superfluous information which does not contribute to biometric recognition. This enables a fast comparison, an improved biometric performance, and may have privacy advantages.

RFID card readers (for door access and time attendance) serve a double purpose, while it lets people through doors; it also can register their ins and outs in the software for later revision and calculation.

Fingerprint terminals are considered to be the most pervasive and popular of all attendance terminals. Fingerprints are quite hard to fool, in fact Maxcom’s signature models have been used by the US Air Force for entry and attendance.

Face ID are the latest range of Biometric Terminals, it is also catching on quite rapidly due to the ease of use and the sheer genius of design, comprehensive Access & Attendance reports are also a strong plus.

Maxcom is continuously doing R&D in the field of access control and time attendance devices and came up with the system which will be fitted with world class standards like electrical power backup for the locks, readers and controllers to make sure the systems are in good standing at all times, balancing the fail-safe and the fail-secure methodologies well to maintain the best for the corporate & users,  Biometric  terminals, which are Fingerprint and / or  Face identification, also control doors, although they are normally targeted towards the Time & Attendance Applications where users log-in using their fingers and then the Admin remotely collects all kinds of helpful reports to track attendance and calculate payroll.

One super-feature is the ability for management of remote access to devices by logging-in from any browser anywhere in the world and it can easily see who's in and out and generate quick reports which tell them how the attendance is going for their company.

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