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For Remote Mobile Viewing of SuperNannyCam and SuperIPcam we can offer free applications for the iPhone and Android available to all from the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.

MultiLive gives you a quick and easy way to view your IP cameras video stream(s) directly from your phone, on the move, from wherever you are.

MultiLive for iPhone and Android allows for up to 8 camera feeds to be saved to the phone for instant viewing. Camera feeds can be connected to via local (i.e. home network) or external networks (i.e. the internet), and allows for viewing over 3G and WiFi.

- Quickly and easily view your Security camera
- Stores your cameras IP address, username and password for instant access
- Supports up to 8 cameras
- Add, edit or delete cameras with ease
- Name each camera for easy reference
- Thumbnail View – gives instant screenshot view of all cameras in your list, including cameras current network status
- Take snapshots of your camera feed and automatically save them to your photo gallery
- Works with all current Y-cam models
All current camera models supported : Classic Range, S Range, SD Range, Bullet Range, Dome Range.

Also those users who wants to view multiple cameras on iPhone screen at the same time  can use Netcam2go (paid application for iPhone users) which has the following features: Digital Audio & Video, Day & Night mode support, CamScan - quick and easy configuration, Dual address support for 3G access, 5 Zones - swipe for fast access., 6 Cameras per zone, Pan/Tilt for MXC-PT500, MXC-PT500 2-Way audio (PTT) - experimental, IR Control, Customize camera layout & zones., Landscape Video and PiP modes, Popup camera controls, No monthly charges, No hard sell on cameras.

To download :
For iPhone – visit iTunes
For Android – visit the Google Marketplace and search for Y-cam MultiLive