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FAQ about Security Systems > Security Systems > Why PTZ IP camera (Pant / Tilt / Zoom) is not recommended for office and homes installations?

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Maxcom has PTZ  Camera options to offer its cleints but we don't recommend them for Home ,office or small retail installations for the following reasons:

  • SuperIPcams / SuperNannyCams come with wide angle view to cover any room from any corner
  • SuperIPcams / SuperNannyCams provide High resolution video which gives great definition of all people and objects in the camera's view, in addition to digital zooming
  • IP cameras which come with PTZ options are at least 3 times more expensive and could potentially have mechanical failures, compared to fixed IP Cameras
  • In order to have adequate coverage from PTZ cameras, they require a security operator controlling the camera all the time (as in airports and malls)
  • If you leave the PTZ camera pointing at a certain direction, this means it's not pointing at all the other directions, leading to missed events in recording
  • Motion activated recording isn't possible on PTZ cameras as perfect as it could be on fixed cameras

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