Where your body becomes your key, Our systems span from the simple stand-alone access control reader & Lock, to the expansive integrated system for hundreds of doors that incorporated CCTV/ Intrusion and Fire Alarm to give a full turn-key solution, these access control systems will be fitted based on standards like electrical power backup for the locks, readers and controllers to make sure the systems are in good standing at all times, balancing the fail-safe and the fail-secure methodologies well to maintain the best for the users, Biometric Terminals also control doors, although; they are normally targeting the Time & Attendance Applications where users log-in using their fingers and then Admin remotely collects all kinds of helpful reports to track attendance and calculate payroll. One super-cool feature is the ability for management to log-in from any browser anywhere in the world and easily see who's in and out and generate quick reports that tell them how the attendance is going for their company.