Keeping an eye at home is not a luxury anymore; it’s an affordable necessity It's the perfect solution for a wireless world, Great For Offices, Homes, Shops, Villas, Etc.. Super Nanny Cam securely connects to the home’s wireless environment. up until its unavailing last year, it was almost impossible to have a home surveillance system without tearing down the walls. SuperNannyCam’s number 1 feature is its Homely Design, a discreet square shape that fits in any corner of the home. its white color helps it blend-in even more it's brilliantly designed with homes in mind. the built-in Web-server gives you a secure channel to monitor & record, unlike webcams, it does not need a computer always connected, thanks to its processing and transmission power. Families purchase the system to keep an eye on the nanny while she's providing care to their children. They also use it when they travel abroad, the Super Nanny Cam can be easily set up to take snapshots & e-mail on any movement. In addition; it’s widely used in Nurseries, and for monitoring valuables. Additionally, villa residents take advantage of the outdoor option that allow them to deter intruders while capturing clear Video/Audio events in complete darkness.