Solutions for Apartments


Zero Setup Wi-Fi Remote Monitors

Robocam Wireless Remote Monitors are the true answer for office and home safe-guarding, monitoring, recording, & communication. Takes a few simple clicks to setup in any country and immediately enables communication remotely from anywhere in the world.


DoorGuard: Peephole Wire-free Camera

Knock & Motion sensitive, takes pictures of whomever comes to your door, even when you're away, protects the kids who can’t reach the peephole from opening to unwanted visitors. DoorGuards records the visitor's photo on a Micro SD card you can view with one push of a button.


AZOR: Wireless GSM Mini Alarm Kit

The Azor GSM mini alarm offers its users full comfort thanks to easy wireless installation and operation. Arming and disarming the system is possible with just a small tag assigned to a particular user. All that is needed is already contained in the kit.