Intelligent Office & HomeAlarms


Jablotron’s wide range of solutions cater for many applications like protection & control of mega establishment as well as home & office automation and intrusion detection in addition to central monitoring. 

Jablotron systems are  made in Europe, and they meet toughest industry standards and quality control. It's amazingly simple to use GSM and wireless two-way communication for installers & users.



Intelligent Office & Home Alarms


Alarm combining wired connections with wireless detectors, devices, up to 120 wireless or bus zones & 300 user codes support. Suitable for both residential areas, as well as shops, offices, warehouses, workshops, etc.. The Jablotron 100 alarm conforms perfectly to your needs. 

It offers complete scope, non-intrusive installation, easy control, harmonising with its environment, increased living comfort and is always available, no matter where you are. Wireless and wired solutions can accomodate any guarded space size and conditions.


  • Up to 120 wireless or bus-wired zones
  • Up to 300 users
  • Up to 15 sections to switch
  • Up to 32 programmable outputs
  • 20 independent calendars
  • Built-in GSM / GPRS / LAN voice communicator, SMS or GPRS
  • communication with users and Alarm Receiving Centre (PAC)
  • SMS messages from the system to the max. 30 users
  • 4 adjustable control rooms (PAC)
  • 1 GB of memory for storage, audio messages and images
  • Backup rechargeable battery 12V 18 Ah
  • Certification to EN 50131 Grade 2


Wireless GSM Alarm Kit


The Azor GSM mini alarm offers its users full comfort thanks to easy wireless installation and operation. Arming and disarming the system is possible with just a small tag assigned to a particular user. 

All that is needed is already contained in the kit. For higher security, the separate additional detectors can be bought. Users are informed about possible threats in the house directly on a mobile phone.


  • GSM Plug-and-Play mini alarm system ideal for small installations
  • Intuitive and easy for end users
  • Wireless detectors (motion, door / window opening, smoke)
  • 10 registered users for alarm notifications and control
  • Voice and SMS reporting to up to 10 telephone numbers
  • Voice menu for easy navigation
  • 433 MHZ radio communication