Maxcom Technologies LLC privacy policy

Personal Information
Collection and Use of Customers Information
Personal information is data that can be used to identify or contact a single person (name, contact number, email ID, address). We may ask you yo provide your personal information when you inquire about our products/services. You are not required to provide the personal information that we have requested, but, if you chose not to do so, in many cases we will not be able to provide you with our products or services or respond to any queries you may have.
Email and spam statement
Our customers will receive important updates about their products by Email, customers can opt out of such service easily or reduce the update frequency if they so choose, inquiriers [who aren't already our customers] could receive thoughtful & infrequent updates on gadget news & new product releases or special offers, they can also opt out easily if they choose to do so.
Privacy statement with regards to Camera Systems
Maxcom Technologies' staff do not have access to any video feed belonging to any customer, thanks to the fact that the customer is prompted to change their camera passwords upon installation, for the convenience of the customer, the technical staff has diagnostics tools that will indicate the health of the system; i.e. weather it’s connected or not, how often it disconnects.This enables better support to the system, these camera systems are designed and manufactured and installed by reputed companies who've already done their part in terms of protecting the privacy of the end user, the client is prompted to keep a secure password and not share it with untrusted individuals, just like they treat bank passwords.